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The Nursery 

Taught by: Janie Fields

& weekly volunteers

For ages: 6 weeks - 3 yrs old

The nursery is a great place for your children to stay while you are in the sanctuary! All of our staff are CPR certified and really enjoy playing and teaching the kids.

Each week the children will listen to a Bible story, free play, dance, sing, play musical instruments and participate in felt board activities! 

A snack will be provided every week if your child chooses.

We do have a child friendly bathroom!


We also have a check in and out system. Wen you sign your child in during drop off, you will receive a number. You will need that number to pick up your child once the service is over. Each child will get a nametag, along with any diaper bags, cups and coats.

If you have any questions about our Nursery program, please feel free to ask!

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