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Good evening church...

It is with a heavy heart, because we enjoy worshipping together so much, that the elders and I have decided to cancel in person worship for at least the next 2-3 weeks.  

We will keep you updated regularly.  Let me explain briefly our decision.

1. The CDC and the government is restricting further the size of gatherings in the hopes of squashing, to some degree, the spread of this virus.  

Romans 13 asks us to obey the governing authorities,

"Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves." Romans 13:1.2


Since we are the church, as people, not a building, we can continue to be one, for a short time, without gathering physically.  So at this time we are going to try and follow what the authorities are asking of us.  It was only about 10 days ago the Italy was thinking that the virus and the worry about it were over stated and in that short of time, the epidemic has spread and the hospitals are way overburdened.  That's what the authorities are trying to avoid, rightly or wrongly here in the U.S.


2. One of the main reasons for this decision, is that, God forbid someone was worshipping with us that was infected, and didn't know it at the time, and our church became a local epi-center for a spread in this area, we would not be able to live with ourselves for that.  Yet, on the other hand if nothing happens...then we've accomplished what was hoped for by the authorities, by not meeting together!


3. Another reason is that, to many in our community, it may appear that we are not considerate of the community by continuing to meet in a way, that at the present, is deemed to be risky.  In other words, taking a couple weeks off is a loving act toward our community, whether it was truly needed or not; and we won't know until this over if it was needed or not.  So we are deciding to be safe rather than sorry.


4. I have felt deeply led that this was the right thing to do, as do the elders. So, I will be streaming services on Sunday mornings at 11am on the Lawrenceville Facebook page and we hope that you will get on and watch it with us.  If you cannot join us at 11am, you can go to the page later and watch it.  I will also see if there is a way to down load it and post the link to a youtube page if you don't have facebook.  We will also try to incorporate some worship as well.


We know that no decision will be liked by everyone, but we have decided to err on the side of being safe; we hope you will understand and grant us grace as these are uncharted waters for all of us.  Please consider continuing regular support through our website and PayPal or by sending it by mail.


Now to the important part!  This is a time for the church to shine brighter than anyone!   Find ways to help people around you.  Offer to shop for those who are risk and afraid to get out.  Help care for children if you are staying at home and you know parents that need to work.  Call and check in on each other.  Try to buy from small business to keep them going during this time.  If you get food delivered, tip well.  Don't hoard.  Find someone to share something with that is in need.  Be gracious and loving while shopping.  Be patient.  And above all pray!!!   Pray about all of this.  Pray for the sick.  Pray for the nation and the economy.  Pray for the leaders who are making decisions.  Pray for health care workers.  Pray for first responders.  Pray for truckers trying to restock stores.  Pray for small businesses.  Pray, pray pray! Again, we'll keep you posted.  Please share this with others who may not have much electronic media. Blessings in Christ, Alan Cain, Larry Domigan, Terry Circle and Mike Gallagher

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