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Alan Cain 

Senior Pastor

 Alan Cain has been pastoring the Lawrenceville Church of God since 2004.  It has been a great time of ministry for this area.


He grew up a pastor's kid here in Ohio and in Illinois.  His father pastored faithfully for over 50 years.  Alan attended Oregon Bible College (now Atlanta Bible College) starting in 1982 and married his beautiful wife Susan in 1985.  He graduated in 1986 and began an internship in that fall in Omaha, Nebraska.  Alan spent an additional 2 years in Omaha as an Associate Pastor when he felt the call to become Sr. Pastor at a Church in Pelzer, South Carolina.  He then pastored in South Carolina for 15 years before being called to come pastor here at Lawrenceville.  Alan and Susan have 3 children, all who are grown.  Their daughter is married to a pastor in Indiana, their next son is in his internship to become a pastor in Michigan and their youngest is in Atlanta Bible College now studying to be a pastor.  Alan is thankful to God for the continuing trend of ministry in his family!


Alan is truly grateful for God's kindness to him through Jesus Christ and wants to do all he can along with this, His congregation here, to share that love and to make a difference for the Kingdom of God.  


Come be a part of what God is doing here in His Church at the Lawrenceville Church of God.

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