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Sunday School Classes

Looking for a class to attend before church? We have options for ages 1 - 100!

All classes start at 9:30 

Doughnuts & coffee will be provided!

Toddler class

Taught by: Valerie Rhyder


For ages 1 - 4

The toddler class focuses on learning simple Bible stories and who God is. They play instruments, sing songs and make crafts!

Preeschool class

Taught by: Pam Harris

& Sharon Cain

For: Preeschoolers (Ages 5-7)

The Preschool class is focusing on Biblical stories, Christian values and the doctrines of our church. 

K- 2nd grade

Taught by: Nancy Circle

& Becky Dixon

K- 2nd grade has been focusing on memorizing Bible verses and reading general Bible stories.  

Grades 3d - 5th

Taught by: Susan cain

This class focuses on memorizing verses and books of the Bible, the 10 commandments, the Lord's prayer and much more! Students also get the opportunity to place their hand and footprints on the wall in the classroom! 

Grades 6th - 8th

Taught by: Gary Hedges

6th - 8th graders will be digging deeper into the word of God by reading together.about God's creating and Jesus's life on earth. 

Senior Youth

Taught by: John Lindner

For grades 9th - 12th 

The youth focuses on fellowship, prayer and weekly discussion on how they saw, served and praised God. 

Young adult

Taught by: Nick Fields

The young adults have been reading through the book of Matthew. Breaking down the text and understanding what God is trying to portray through his word. 

Adult class

Taught by: Alan Cain 

& Nathan Massie

The adults class has been studying the gospel of Luke, along with prayer and fellowship.

Womens class

Taught by: Julie Gallagher

The womens class have been discussing...

Senior Class

Taught by: Terry Circle 

This class has been discusing ...

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